Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The little ones # 3 : Léna

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This little reversible baby kimono was sewn for Léna, my cousin's daughter, who was born at the end of november. It is a very simple project, from a free pattern (in French) found on the Marie-Claire Idées website.
An afternoon of sewing, 2 half yards of fabric, two buttons, and there you have it! Super simple and effective, a very pleasant crafty make. You just sew two identical garments and join them together, tucking the seams in.
The dotty fabric, already used here, comes from Cousette, and the butterfly fabric is from the Arras market.




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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The little ones # 2 : Juliette


For the little Juliette I knitted a small jumper with an intarsia pattern, found in the n° 67 Phildar catalogue (I love this pattern book, everything is so quirky and colourful!).
The pattern has a boy and a girl version and is meant to be knitted in Phil Thalassa (n°4 needles) from Phildar. I chose the girly one in size 6 months, and adapted it to Rowan 4 ply cotton (n° 3 needles), bought from Black Sheep Wools a few years ago.
I was Lucky enough to have a week's Holiday which allowed me to knit pretty intensively : the jumper was finished on the return flight! I really enjoyed this knit, but next time I try intarsia I will make myself some smaller yarn bobins because there were quite a few knots along the way!






Thursday, 13 February 2014

The little ones # 1 : Camille


At the end of 2013 there have been quite a few new arrivals! The first one was the little Camille, so I made him a little shrink plastic hanging decoration on the theme of clouds (some inside information having revealed that his bedroom already counted a few clouds, so I thought it would fit in OK).
The shrink plastic used for this project is of the brand Polyshrink, and it needs sanding before you draw on it, so has a slightly rough finish once baked. It also seems to shrink a little bit less than the brand I used before so the pieces come out fairly big, which I found to look quite nice in the end (in my very humble opinion !). I also invested in a new hole punch which allows to punch much more precisely, therefore reducing the risk of ruining a piece when punching a hole too close to the edge (that's happened a fait few times in the past !)... All this to say I am not forgetting about the shrink plastic DIY I have been promising you for ages, I WILL get round to doing it soon (ish) !



See you soon with the second episode of 2013's little ones !


Monday, 10 February 2014

Mr Monkey's washbag


Mr Monkey had asked me to make him a washbag that would be "exactly the same" as his previous one (which is black faux leather, yuk !!) but this time using the monkey waxed fabric that I got from Ma Petite Mercerie, already used here. So I applied myself to reproducing the bag including every detail, the pockets, the handle, etc... The result is far from perfect but Mr Monkey has deemed it satisfactory and has officially adopted it, so all is well !
Robert Kaufman waxed monkey fabric, grey waxed fabric from Les Carollaises, trims from the Arras market, and the whole thing has been made more rigid with some thick backing fabric from Franklins Ipswich.
The pictures were taken on a sunny day in Ipswich... let's say that was a long time ago !!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Motif personnel - a (very) personal pattern

fifties alice
Once upon a time there was a pattern competition, the theme of which was "Once upon a time". It took place in June, and was organised by Motif Personnel, a French online fabric retailer which allows you to get you own designs printed onto fabric. On this occasion, I had come up with a panel inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and despite not winning this competition, a lovely lady from Motif Personnel contacted me to let me know that they had liked my design and wanted to send me a metre of fabric printed with my pattern ! I was therefore the lucky recipient of a lovely piece of soft cotton fabric which I have kept in a safe place until I find the perfect project to do it justice...




Merci, Motif Personnel !