Monday, 24 March 2014

Furniture upcycling # 2: the display cabinet


Here is another G Plan charity shop piece, this time it was updated using paint and wallpaper. Much quicker than painting all those triangles (previous post), and (hopefully) still quite effective! The most complicated bit was cutting the wallpaper to size and aligning it in the centre. Luckily, the pattern is quite forgiving and hides most of the mistakes... !
BEFORE...                                                  ...AFTER !
IMG_1005 IMG_2312

IMG_2342 bis

The book I was telling you about in the previous post is this one : Furniture Makeovers by Barbara Blair. It is a mine of useful information for anyone who would like to have a go at upcycling furniture, and there are also many ideas of styles and designs you could go for. Warmly recommended !
barb blair

Monday, 17 March 2014

Furniture upcycling # 1 : the TV unit

When we moved into our new place, we were missing something to pop the TV on. Rather than spending loads of money on something new and uninspiring, I lived up to my reputation of being quite stingy and found something old, ugly and cheap from the charity shop !

So after sanding this orange G Plan horror I was able to start painting. The drawer took rather a long time, and a LOT of masking tape !!The result is far from perfect (as you can see on the close ups...)but if you don't look too closely it looks OK, and never fails to get comments from guests. And it is practical and cheap, so for a first attempt I am reasonably satisfied. I let you be the judge of the final result...





OK, it's quite ugly with all the household appliances on it, should have taken the pictures before it fulfilled its destiny as a TV unit...
For the techniques used (and a bit of inspiration too!) I used Barabara Blair's Furniture Makeovers book. More détails, as well as an other furniture project, in an upcoming post!